Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mini-daffodil and Vertigo II

I used Coyote Crazed Coyote glaze on top of Black/Brown Duncan Covercoat. It's interesting that it turned out navy and kind of ran. This is the good side, since there is an area on the other side where the glaze didn't cover--either too much glaze or not enough.


Anonymous said...

I really love those vertigo pieces. It must have taken a lot of patience to carve out those spiral patterns!

I also love how you used the quarter to show scale in your photo of the mini-daffodil. Great idea! Where did that daffodil come from, our yard?

Love you-

Anonymous said...


These are stunning! Do you sell your pottery? Please forgive me, I am confused, all this time I just thought you were cool...I didn't realize you were cool and artsy. Where have I been? Duh, you hang out with Mel, of course you must be, but then I do too, and I can't make anything but love. Ha. Anyways, please tell me that you do and send me a link.