Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter bug fix

If you've been following my blog (THANK YOU LOYAL VIEWERS!), in the past couple of years I've had a new-found interest in insects. This month I finished reading Four Wings and a Prayer that I found at my local used book store. It's a book about how the butterflies migrate back to Mexico over the winter. I just happened to look up the Monarch Watch website and noticed that tonight there is a special on PBS called The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies!

Am planning on going to watch Vehicles play an acoustic show tonight, so will have to either record it with my VHS or watch in at 1 a.m. or midnight in the next few days...hmmm. Or maybe someone could buy me the DVD for my birthday in a couple of months? Oh, just kidding.

Anyway, I haven't been able to use telephoto lens on insects yet since I got it in November, so am looking forward to warmer weather in the next few months. Had my third photography class last night and am finally figuring out the F-stop/aperature and shutter speed stuff and getting more comfortable shooting in the manual mode. BTW, this picture was taken with my old point-and-shoot camera 2-1/2 years ago when I found a coccoon in my front yard. I do have three different types of milkweed (what Monarchs like) in my yard and hope to find one again.

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Annie said...

Very cool butterfly.