Friday, January 23, 2009

It's supposed to be a llama...

These two pieces were thrown when I was still in my "alter it/not round" mode in November, carried over from when I made the saki set. The first one is triangular, and the second one is flattened on two sides. I am very pleased with how the glaze turned out on the second one, since I used the SB red clay and had no idea how it would look. I am planning on getting a cork for it and putting some type of decadent spirit in it...maybe amaretto, as I have baked with it before and haven't tried saki yet.

I think I am getting out of my little pottery rut I thought I was in and threw my first spout on Wednesday. It was very fun!

Thanks for looking!


Annie said...

I love the little feet on the bottom one and the salt pigs are too cool. I love having little dishes to put my salt in, but I think those are my favorite so far.

chill24 said...

I loved catching up on your pottery. I love the feet too. It looks difficult.

Anonymous said...

I like the salt pigs, and I think your Llama looks good too; hope this isn't insulting if I said it looks like cave art?

Your pottery is getting very good and you are showing some very creative ideas! Keep it up!

Love you,