Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Circuit training revamped

I've been waiting to share something, but it may never get on youtube, so thought I'd mention it now since I'm on the exercise subject. I have a silly new circuit training workout.

Before I left for my vacation at the beginning of August, I was going on my treadmill and trying to do at least 20 miles a week, either jogging or walking. Needless to say, I was burned out. But my brother unknowingly solved my burnout problem when he and his girlfriend brought along a Dance Dance Revolution game to my mom's house. My nephews even made two videos of me doing it which are silly and I look like a dork, but I really like them. One day my brother will get around to posting them on youtube, and I'll be semi-famous.

Now at least once a week I do circuit training by "dancing" one song, doing a set of free weights, "dancing another song", and back and forth.

So...if you are tired of your current exercise routine, I'd suggest DDR. Loved all your comments on the last post!!!


Karmen Lewis said...

Genius idea! I bet your workouts are fun. I look forward to your Youtube debut!

Melanie-Pearl said...

i've seen it/the videos.

it's disturbing yet hilarious all at the same time.

the 'phews did some stop edit stuff and reverse negative edit that makes kfk look totally freaky awesome!

if and when they post it on youtube, they should warn epileptics or people prone to migranes.

a disclaimer should also be put on there for the dancing impaired..."this is in no way a reference to Brittany Spears' performance on the 2007 VMAs."
(sorry, Kim. you know i love you! ps) when can i rent those from you? or you should just sell the videos on ebay to the highest bidder.)

Anonymous said...


I'm very glad that you have discovered something to make you exercise more enjoyable. I found when I got into triathlons that the cross-training aspect of it was very enjoyable for me. Similarly, circuit training breaks the monotony as you have discovered. One of my high school basketball coaches and one of my college coaches used circuit training with the entire team during practices. Keep up the good work. I'd love to see you dance.


Karmen Lewis said...

ok....just for the record....I didn't think we were including the serious athletes in this conversation. I thought this was mostly for bowlers, curlers, and video dancers??!!