Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pottery pictures

Above are some of my pieces waiting to be bisque fired (first firing without glaze). Am still waiting on a couple of the pieces that I glazed and are in the kiln now.

Below are some of the finished pieces. A couple of them turned out the way I expected, and others I'm learning to like. That's what this hobby is all about, though--sometimes frustrating, sometimes relaxing, sometimes rewarding.--always requiring a lot of patience.

Checked out some ceramic/pottery books while my computer was in the shop, and now I have a lot of ideas running through my head. Seems like I can't produce fast enough to try them out. I'm still going to class only two days a week, and our session ends on November 17th.


Karmen Lewis said...

I really like that "hole-y" pot. Is that a candle you have in there? Are the green pots the size of coffee mugs? Or bigger?

Kim from Kansas said...

Oh yes, it's a candle. Wanted to try a luminary.

The green ones are the size of coffee mugs. Think they'll be Christmas presents.

chill24 said...

i LOVE them all. the big bowl with the black inside is amazing. i like it when you add patterns to your pots!

Karmen Lewis said...

cool stuff!

JACKIE said...

I like the big bowl with the swirl. It looks like it would take alot of time. JACKIE