Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lidded flower vessel

Was wondering where my piece was because it wasn't on my shelf in the kiln room and the kilns were empty. Then I just happened to glance at the display case of the students' artwork while leaving, and there it was! Guess my instructor liked it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmy--
That pot is beautiful! Nice work. It deserves to be on the "special" shelf.
Aunt Jan

nodak54 said...

Nice work! Just got on your blog today, looks like you had a great time in Dakota! Artwork is Awesome! you have some great stuff!
Like the fused charms too..

carahinojosa said...

Hey, Kim! Thanks for the redhead link on my blog. I was laughing so hard! After I got control of myself I sent the link to my dad and brother. Too stinkin' funny!

Your pottery is beautiful. I really like the blue and yellow bowl.

chill24 said...

i LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

Kim-of course it would be on display!! Muy bonito/very pretty!


brother brad said...

Absolutely beautiful, Good job!

Abdul Dayan yousafzai Bunerai said...