Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Capitol A'Fair

Got to go to an art fair while I was in North Dakota. It was luckily an overcast morning...Saw some neat pottery including some from students from my previous college where I took ceramics about 17 years ago. My favorite was here (you can click on "here" to visit his site). This lady does a little of everything. Also learned about this guy who was born in Casselton, N.D.

My mom was in the hospital, but was discharged last night. This was due to gallbladder disease and not her cancer. Needless to say, I was busy updating her medical blog so may now pay more attention to mine now. Stay tuned for more pictures from my out-of-state adventure.

p.s. Cindy, I thought you might like the fused glass charm picture.


chill24 said...

some of the pottery reminded me of yours (different color and not quite as good as kim originals though)!
we're keeping your mom in our prayers along with you and your family.

nodak54 said...

just browsing through and noticed this guy was from casselton, my best friend in Dakota is from Casselton..The art fair looks like way to much fun! did you come home with some nice items?

Jackie said...

Hi, Kim from Kansas,
Fun to see photos of my pottery on your blog and the link to my website. I am currently in the process of changing hosts and will soon have a new look, along with photos of a lot of new work: pottery, tapestries, felted landscapes and madonnas, and even clocks! You can check out some of it at my etsy shop:

Did you come to the Bismarck show this past August - it was better than 2007!