Saturday, April 21, 2007

U of M

On Easter Monday, Mom had her CT scan after drinking her two bottles of barium. Then we ate and walked around the U of M while awaiting the results. We visited the McNamara Alumni Center. Bob Dylan went there. Then we walked down Scholars' Walk.

My mom was feeling pretty strong. I did feel guilty at first since my sisters took care of her while she was weak and sick from the chemo and I felt my job was easy just driving her here. She lost at least 20 pounds since the last time I saw her. I kept thinking, "Now my mom really is a 'little old lady'!" She's 72, so she doesn't mind being called old.


Anonymous said...

Such great photos, Kim.

Thank you for sharing...


BECKY said...

hi,good morning,nice to meet you here, iwas the first time to visit your blog, welcom eto my blog ...wish you have a good day~~~~

Anonymous said...

thanks for finding me! glad you're back.