Friday, April 13, 2007


My mom isn't having surgery because they discovered that an artery is involved, so we are going back to North Dakota today. She will start chemotherapy again on Monday. This will be a less aggressive regimen, and her hair should grow back. She will have a CT scan every two months to make sure the chemotherapy is still working.

Yesterday afternoon we (my mom, a brother, and a sister and I) did get to go to the McNeeley Conservatory and Zoo for a couple of hours after leaving the cancer center. There was a flower show with spring bulbs, and we got to see the primates! Will post pics when I get home.


Minty said...


I hope it wasn't too big of a disappointment. I am so sad that it didn't work out how you wanted it to.

Sounds like you had a nice time despite the news. Please tell your mother that a crazy person in Chicago are thinking of her.


Melanie-Pearl said...

Friend, Robert gave us the news. I am sorry. I'll leave your phone alone while you spend time with the family, but you can call if you want to talk. Everybody misses you and has been asking about you and your mom. Love you-Mel