Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Administrative Professionals' Day

Just got an email saying today was Administrative Professionals' Day, reminding me to buy something for the administrative professional in my department (this was from the hospital's gift shop)...I don't know who that is. Is that what used to be called my director which used to be called my leader? I always liked calling her my "leader" and wanted to say "take me to your leader".

Is there still going to be Boss' Day?

EDIT: Oh, I guess it's the former Secretary's Day.

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Hannita said...

Yes, it is Admin Day.
Every year my friends and I that are the admins say "Who are they kidding? Don't the know that if we don't do, it doesn't get done?" Yeah. Needless to say, noone has showered me with gifts or said "Hey, Thanks for being the Fabulous person you are. I appreciate it."