Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jamaica part 3

The ceramics workshop was held at the pottery studio located on the Good Hope Estate/Plantation inland in the Cockpit Mountains. I will embellish more on the artists, studio, gallery, and kilns in a later post.

The Good Hope Plantation was first built in 1755 and mainly raised sugar cane. Today they mainly raise citrus, and there is a citrus-packing plant on the grounds. Yes, we did get fresh-squeezed orange juice every morning along with fresh mango and papaya. Yum! The only thing looming to ruin the feeling of perfect paradise on the plantation is its history of slavery.

Here are some bowls I made in Jamaica. There are various momentos in the first one including a tamarind seed that was in a pocket of my dirty shorts--oops, sorry customs.

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Anonymous said...

today i could see all. such a beautiful place to have seen. such a beautiful person to have gone
i love you