Friday, January 08, 2010

A local Asian market

I went to our local Asian market between the holidays. I would recommend it if you are bored with your local grocery store and need a little "vacation". Some people claim that specialty items are cheaper there.

Here's what I picked up and finally cooked last night:

My husband and I thought we didn't like curry because I made something once with JUST curry in it. I was introduced to a local Thai restaurant and found out it's great with other spices and I must've used it wrong before.

The dish on the left is a red curry and tomato paste concoction. There is a recipe on the back for beef curry. It seems to be a little westernized, as it says "Tastes of India" on the front...Aren't cows considered to be holy there?

The second dish on the right side is a beef and chili and coconut milk seasoning packet for Randang from Indofood. It was a little less spicy and also very good. Somewhere on the internet, it said that this dish was Malayasian.

They were both very good!

Also, thought I'd share this interesting description found on a box of a ceramic bowl set. Please click to enlarge and read. If you buy one, it might change your life!

Speaking of Asia, my new sister in law is Chinese! Congratulations Brittany and Clark if you ever read this!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I still read it, and I like how the pictures turned out in the light-box.

You may have a career in marketing / product photography ahead of you!

Love you,

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