Friday, January 22, 2010

Eleven pieces

Eleven: That's how many pieces came out of the kiln that I started in December.

The black piece has a "Double Happiness" symbol and holds 3-1/2 cups. It's for a wedding present.

I had so much fun with the clay extruder! These vases in the last picture are made from 1-inch diameter clay tubes. The tallest one is about 7 inches. Double click on the pictures for more detail. For some reason the picture came out smaller than expected.
Thanks for still checking up on me!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Kim! Love them all!

Melanie-Pearl said...

those top three are just beautiful all together. love the chinese piece, too. i wonder how all those tube would look stuffed together? i like.

Anonymous said...

I think the tubes are very organic looking, but I think I told you that already.

I still love the color of the cups at top.

Keep it up Kimmie, you are doing great work! Love you!