Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthday Boy, Bunnies, and Bands

Yes, there was another birthday in the family(and even another with only ice cream);
this time a nephew...

and here is our "white ball of fur" chasing rabbits...

Also had a late night out and got to see our friends who play in bands.

Here are some links: Urban John and Vehicles.

I thought we'd be the oldest ones at the gig, but were pleasantly surprised! Remember, my profile says I'm closer to 40 than 30 and I'm usually at home by 9:30 or I turn into spaghetti squash.

By the way, did you know Taylor Martin from Vehicles also has a bluegrass album? Check it out here: Taylor Martin if you like that kind of music. I think it's awesome!

From the pottery standpoint, classes are going to start up late next week. I have a teapot on the shelf waiting to be glazed, so will have it done hopefully in a couple of weeks. Am thinking of doing some more bowls with legs and also pondering on the idea of making my very own chai pet... and of course Vertigo III. Also, my instructor will probably come up with a class project and then I will have too many ideas and not enough time. Maybe I should sign up for three classes a week? Nah...guess I have to work, too. Someone has to pay for all that clay.

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Anonymous said...

Hi hon! I'm gonna try this again, I have already tried to post a comment that didn't make it. "Welcome back to Iraq, Robert!"

I like the pictures as always, but I am partial to the ones of our white ball of fur chasing those bunnies! You can send me some of those anytime!

Love you,