Thursday, September 11, 2008

State fair experience

Here are a few pictures from the state fair on Sunday. Thanks to Aunt Jan and Uncle Bob for showing us around your stomping grounds and to my Kansas Mom for a pleasurable day. If you plan on going, I would suggest getting the apple dumpling ala mode. It's delicious!

Have been a little busy and/or needing a break from the computer, so that's why I haven't been posting as frequently.


Anonymous said...

while i was trying to convey that the world was created... i think i like the idea better of just enjoying the fairies wheel at the State fair!

I really do enjoy your photos - I have been looking for a picture you took of the sky with a cloud formation - looks very similar to one I photographed also. if found i'll share mine.

ok... you see you have a comment on your blog! :) hehe :) Qp

Hannita said...

One of my best memories of time with my mom was at the Kansas State Fair. We looked at the bunnies and decided we needed one. She won me a huge stuffed animal that was so big it wouldn't fit in the car to bring it home so some nice people offered to bring it home for us in the their camper. Yay for happy memories

Anonymous said...

ferris wheel is what I was trying to spell.

have something written for you on my blog. :) Qp

chill24 said...

we've never been to the fair. maybe next just seems so busy.
Your photos are so good, you've got a terrific eye.

Anonymous said...

"your camera doesn't matter" I loved that article and how it encourages "self control" not to buy more camera gear! Ha!

Marci wants to join us when we go shooting. I'm sure everyone that reads this is thinking "guns" no baby we got "Canon's!"