Saturday, September 20, 2008

Am still alive...

...just need some time away from the computer and blogging right now. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

been thinking of you alot and missed you so thought I look on the blog being your working now.
Funny -Am still Alive

Is the one plant alvera plant?

Kim from Kansas said...

Is that you, Cheggie (as Grandma would say)?

Went to Botanica, and they had must've been cleaning out the greehouse because all the potted cacti were outside on this pavilion area. They sometimes hold events (concerts, weddings) there, so that wouldn't be too conducive to cacti on the benches. I think there is at least one aloe vera plant in there. ;o) Can you tell I kind of like black and white/sepia pictures?

Kim from Kansas said...

Did you also happen to notice a rock on each assuming they didn't want them to blow over.