Sunday, July 06, 2008


If you've looked at my hands in the last month, I've probably had to explain to you that I've been using red clay and haven't had a self-tanning disaster. Finally got some finished pieces. The clay is called SB red, and it stains hands and gets stuck between fingernails and cuticles.
There are a few more pieces that need to be bisque-fired, are drying on the shelf, or almost done in this clay. These are tumblers with the sgraffito technique with black covercoat.
This pot is my ode to fennel. The glaze didn't turn out like I expected, so of course I'm not too excited about it.

A couple more tumblers.

What else is in the works? I'm out of the vase phase and want to do pitchers for some reason...and have been kicking around ideas for the class project and bowl assignment and maybe even the communion set I keep putting off.

Will post some Independence Day pics when I get around to it.


chill24 said...

LOVE IT ALL!!! I haven't noticed your hands. I'll take a closer look next Saturday!

Brett Elizabeth Spore said...

Very cool!

Still think you should sell some of your stuff.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the one that has fennel written on it but I have to say I really like all the rich earthy colors on all of them.

I agree... what's up for sale??


GoteeMan said...

Love the tumblers... ok, so where do I place my order?