Sunday, June 29, 2008

Out of the kiln

The following tumblers were made with this tool, the Ultimate Edger, which I got when I was in Lawrence in May. There's a lot of grog in this clay, so you can also file your nails on the bottom ridge of these cups--double purpose!

This lidded piece was done in May as are most of these pieces and is finally finished.

And a mug.


Annie said...

I love the pot with the lid. So beautiful.

GoteeMan said...

Kim, those are beautiful!!! wow! You are very talented.....

Blessings & light -

Brett Elizabeth Spore said...

You are talented! Do you ever sell your pieces?

Kim from Kansas said...

Thanks!!! I don't feel like I'm talented, just practice a lot.

Was talked into selling two pieces before and have bartered. I don't feel like my work is in the "selling" category yet, as I know where all the flaws are and feel like a piece needs to be perfect in order for someone to pay money for it.

GoteeMan said...

Kim -
seriously, you are talented, the stuff is good. flaws are what give people and pottery character and flavor...
Sell on..


Melanie-Pearl said...

you guys should hold that lidded piece! i don't know anything about pottery, but i know it's hard to throw something that thin and balanced. the lid fits perfectly.

i love the clay Kim uses,'s groggy and feels very earthy. wish you could all feel these things.

she said she didn't want to give me her "cast-offs". i said the same thing as goteeman's 2nd comment and i ran off with it.

but not before i broke a piece of pottery off her wall. i was just going to return her camera so i ran over in my a yutz, i hit my head on the piece hanging on the wall and *crashed* it to the floor. oops.

m-p=bullinachinacloset ;)