Thursday, May 08, 2008

Saving the Earth one bag at a time...

I finally remembered to use my Envirosax bag at my local supermarket. It's been in my purse ever since I got back from Lawrence a few weeks ago and forgot to pull it out. Anyway, when I pulled it out and gave it to the sacking girls, they both gave me a funny look like this hadn't happened to them before. Guess I surprised them by not using one of the reusable bags with the store name on it....or maybe it was the bag itself.

Yes, I'm saving the Earth only one bag at a time, since I only used one bag and chose plastic for the others.

p.s. Here's my weird environmental tip I will share. I cut the dryer sheets in half and use one-half per load which still gets the static out. Sometimes the fragrance can be stinky to me if my allergies are bothering me, so this cuts down the smelliness...but then I guess I could just use fabric softener and forgo the sheets....maybe next Earth Day.


Brett Elizabeth Spore said...

You crack me up!

Jason R said...

You enviro-crusader, you.