Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long weekend recap

Finish worked....napped...pulled pork salad (which was really good, and no, I'm not on Atkin's or South Beach)...Borders...BOGO cherry cheesecake single-dip ice cream cone from Baskins-Robbins (remember the coupon--we used it)...bed... some reading...sleep in until time to go to first graduation open house...cake with blue frosting that makes BLUE TONGUES (Cool!)...stopping by second open house before church....go back to second open house for a Brazilian Churrasco (or BBQ) (Machine with virgin margharitas) ;o)....Steak, Couve (greens with garlic?), rice, WONDERFUL FRU FRU BRAZILIAN drink with FRESH strawberries, sweetened condensed milk, sugar, vodka, etc....Did I mention SAUSAGE? I LOVE sausage!!!

Oh yeah, our own personal YO-YO SHOW!!!

Sleeping in...More Reading/different book...getting up to make waffles........overdoing it on the treadmill so I need to take ANOTHER NAP! Spending quality time with my compost bin and worms......

Getting CHIGGERS!!! The ants come back!!! But then going to awesome Mem. Day Cookout and seeing the Cadillac of GRILLS in action!!! Rain....hail....rain again...whatever.

p.s. I used different tenses on purpose and know this all isn't proper English, but it was a long weekend, and I'm still relaxed!!!


Karmen Lewis said...

nicely done!
your weekend sounded like fun. keep on relaxin.

frenchgirl said...

awesome 'zine. where can i get a copy?

Melanie-Pearl said...

how do you like the harvester? are you done yet? must talk.

do you like the shack? i'm trying to read it right now. put it down a few weeks ago b/c it was just too traumatic for me. mom says i need to keep reading. haven't had the guts to do it yet.

fun post.