Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Things found while doing yard work on Sunday

Insect eggs
Baby lily bulbs

A paper wasp nest in the middle of my dead clematis vines. That's why I got stung a few months ago while trying to take it down! Was stung just proximal to my nailbed on my index finger. Did have gloves on, but they were cloth which didn't help.


Jenny said...

Wow, your yard is a science lesson waiting to happen! I don't know if I would have recognized each thing. I should go searching in my back yard for interesting things... (and then have you come over to help me identify them? :-)

Kim from Kansas said...

Sounds like fun!

Clive's World said...

Those baby lilly buds are cute but the insect eggs were just a little creepy. And the wasp nest downright dangerous! It's amazing what we see when we really stop to look!
Hugs, Clive

Jason R said...

I hope you got revenge on that hive, even if there aren't any wasps there anymore.