Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas finale

If you're interested in seeing the pictures from the Christmas open house, you may click here to go to my flickr account.

Played a great game of "Hot Potato" on Christmas Eve at Uncle Bob's and Aunt Janice's. We also ended up with a Rubik's cube and 20-questions from the gift exchange. My Kansas Mom made a birthday cake for Jesus. What was the best part of all? It wasn't at our house!!! I wasn't up to hosting this year.

We had our traditional Christmas burritos and chili on Christmas Day at my brother's-in-law (this proper spelling/grammar looks weird to me). Don't have many pictures of Christmas Day, as I didn't feel very good and what pictures I took didn't turn out very well. Could it have possibly been due to a combination of a sinus/cold bug, Christmas stress, and having stuffed myself with sweets the night before? I think so! But...I was just being polite, tasting all the different kinds of cookies, and I think Jesus would want me to eat a piece of his birthday cake!


Annie said...

Sorry you were sick over Christmas. That's no fun at all. Thanks for posting the pictures!

chill24 said...

love the pictures, you've got such a good eye for photography!
thanks for sharing so many of your amazing talents.

Anonymous said...

Kim --
Any time you would like to play "hot potato" I'd be glad to share the game with you. I really enjoyed the Christmas Eve party. It was a great family get together!
Love you,
Aunt Jan