Sunday, October 24, 2010

A post for non-FBers

Most of these pictures are posted on Facebook, so this is for my family not on there.

We went to Dallas a couple of weeks ago and got to go to the JFK Museum, hence the first picture. (You may click on the picture to make it bigger.)

Found this praying mantis last weekend. Have only found green ones in my yard before, so it was nice to see a brown one.

These last pictures are especially for my mother-in-law. We found this on our front porch. It's a wolf spider with babies on its back. Enjoy, Mom!


Anonymous said...

Ew. Mean ol' me would have killed them spiders. All of them. [shudders]

Anonymous said...

i must say that made me shiver. i did not like it. oh but that is a perfect picture for halloween!

Anonymous said...

Question is: How did you get so close? If these are the big spiders that get in our house a few times per year in the spring, they usually run on site. (1.5" across.) Scott W