Monday, March 29, 2010

Raku firing, Spring 2010

Raku firing, Spring of 2010 = Good times, good friends, good food, good mojitos, good weather, and one Jehovah's Witness who didn't get any converts.

FYI Mr. Jehovah's Witness Guy, we thought it was very insulting when you told us our pieces looked like ashtrays. Thanks for the extra fuel (pamphlets) for the kiln, though.

p.s. The first piece I plan on using as a remote control holder, as raku is not food-safe. The third piece is a wall hanging which I like very much!

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Anonymous said...

I really loved seeing your art in the gallery at CityArts! Like I said before, it seemed to elevate it (not that it was bad); it just seemed so different displayed for the public like that.

Congratulations on getting it in the show! Keep working on it, you have really gotten good and have a talent for it!

Love you,