Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lewis and Clark and pottery

Earlier this month, I went through the Council Bluffs/Omaha area. Here are a few random pictures until I get them all organized.

I'm lucky this first picture turned out okay, as I didn't notice that the lens was in manual focus instead of auto focus. Must've flipped the switch when I put the lens away before.

I also went to a family reunion in North Dakota and am debating about whether I want to share the pictures on here or just on facebook. It's kind of fun in a way to remain "anonymous" in that I don't think I have any pictures of myself on my blog..maybe one.

The chalice is the second attempt as a replacement for the communion set. I didn't take a picture of the first attempt, as in it is being used already. The glaze didn't turn out copper...Now I know why. It was HIGH-FIRED instead of LOW-FIRED. There wasn't anything wrong with the glaze. As this one has a crack in it, I'm off to make yet a third one with no cracks and will make sure to put it on the proper shelf--not the high-fired one.

Am loving the way the vase turned out in the Sagebrush Courtyard glaze!


Anonymous said...

I take it that is Lewis and Clarke in the statue? What kind of dog is that, it's huge!

I like the shape and color of the chalice, too bad it cracked. Oh well. The carving on the vase is good. Nice work! Love you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rob- the dog was a Newfoundland named Seaman that Lewis purchased for $20 in 1803. The dog has a bunch of kids books explaining the expedition in kid's terms. Just so you know!

Kim- great pics as usual!