Sunday, June 28, 2009

'Lil things

Can you see it? That little caterpillar on my flat-leaf/Italian parsley? I'm assuming it's a swallowtail because that's what they like along with dill and fennel and monarch caterpillars look like they have a set of antennae on the front and the back.

Here's another monarch caterpillar on a milkweed that's not quite a half of an inch. I used my macro lens on these.

The glaze didn't come out as planned on either of these. In fact, the blue taller one I glazed and fired twice, but the glaze didn't stick or hold well. I was disappointed with it already and, yes, that's a chip on the rim. The bottom half of the smaller one is supposed to be copper. As there wasn't much left in the glaze jar, I'm assuming all the copper floated to the top, even after I thoroughly stirred it. I still like it. Just don't ask me about the chalice I made to match the other pieces I glazed when the jar was full!

It was fun to try some small things. I will have to remember to make some more small vases to hold my mini-daffodils next spring. Stay cool!

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Anonymous said...

So, what about the chalice you made to match the other pieces? Huh? How come I can't ask you about that one?

The tiny jar looks cool. I'd like to see some more pictures of it.

Love you,