Thursday, February 19, 2009

It is finished

I think it reminds me of this and this. Beatrice Wood made a lot of lusterware.


Melanie-Pearl said...

beautiful, love it! wow!

Anonymous said...

I love it too! I don't know what you thought it should turn out like but it looks great from here!

It has a distressed look that makes me think that it could have been dug up over here at Ur or some other ancient site. I think that is very appropriate for what it is.

I think it may be some of your best work!


frenchgirl said...

oooo, that is beautiful! does WM get to use it?

Kim from Kansas said...

Yes, it's for WM!

Jason R said...

"It is finished."
Are you comparing yourself to Jesus? This sculpture to the resurrection?

Anonymous said...

oh kimmy, this is beautiful! you should be very proud!
your kansas mom

Hannita said...

'Tis great.

chill24 said...

we're using them tonight!!!
they're so beautiful.