Thursday, February 14, 2008

More sgraffito!

I love saying the word "sgraffito" almost as much as I love the doing the technique. Again, it means "scratched" in Italian. My husband calls this my genie bottle. One of my instructors mentioned a veil when looking at this piece. I put more details about it on my flickr site if anyone is interested...what type of glaze, etc.

Last night I was back at pottery class and glazed at least 5 things. Will have to miss pottery on Saturday due to an important engagement ;o( so will also be missing all my friends there and my circular therapy.

I miss my favorite graphic artist and will bring her "500 Cups" book back soon.

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chill24 said...

you'll have to say this word for me saturday so i can hear it. i'm sure my own pronunciation in my brain isn't quite right.
beautiful work of art once again.