Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Final Move

Heard a young girl sing a song
To her daughter in her pale arms
Walkin’ through a rainstorm
“Because you’re here my little girl
It’s gonna be a better world”
She turned her face to mine
I saw the answer in her eyes
I shrugged her half a smile and walked away
It made me smile, and it made me think
And now it makes me sing what I believe
Something right went very wrong

But love has been here all along

--some of my favorite lyrics this month by Chris Rice. I'm always looking for some big purpose, but maybe it's more simple...not curing cancer or the common cold. There are other things this song is trying to say, but that's how it spoke to me this month.


Melanie-Pearl said...

Oh, Kim! Remember the "Toe amputation" report? Today I found out he is going to have to learn to walk again. Who would have thought one little part of his body would be so crucial to his functioning, further impacting the functioning of his family, job, finances, home, etc.

No matter how small we seem, we are all part of Christ's body. We each serve an important purpose as we were each purposefully created by Him. AND I happen know your mere birth was even a miracle.

You are a huge source of encouragement to me. Your influence in my life goes beyond words, and I've only known you one year now!

I might be limping without you if you weren't so available to me, to God's body. Besides, if you were a rocket scientist you might not live on our Circle. Thanks for just being you, too.

Kim from Kansas said...
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Kim from Kansas said...

Mel, You sure know how to make me feel special. Thanks!

Now when I hear the song "I want to be Your hands, be Your feet" by Audio Adrenaline I will think "I want to be Your left big toe, right little finger"!